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    Creativity is within everything. The algorithms in nature, the way people dress, every idea that comes through you, and the way the world interprets all the ideas that encompass it. Inspiration has the ability to seek those who are open to receiving it. It is this understanding of creativity and inspiration that I follow. I am a partner with creativity and inspiration; neither its slave nor its master.  

     As a designer there are a set of simple rules that I follow. Successful design is innovative, informative, aesthetic, thorough, honest, and simple. I apply these principles to all practices I engage in. Whether creating a new brand for an emerging company or redeveloping the urban design of an entire city these principles will allow for a design to thrive in its environment.

     Born in Evergreen, Colorado creativity is a driving force in my life. With an education in Environmental Design from the University of Colorado, Boulder I have shaped my life to encompass all aspects of design including architecture, acoustics, and graphic design. Education and work experience in the field of architecture and urban planning continues to teach me the practice of beauty and practicality in design. I am also currently a working musician for a band, Policulture, and an aspiring graphic designer and acoustician. My engagement in all these  fields continues to advance my skills in graphics across all mediums.

     I am forever grateful to creativity. I will continue to chase all pursuits that provide the opportunity for my creative expression. And as inspiration and creativity come and go at their pleasure, I will continue to be ambitious for their return.   


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