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Black & White 

Architectural Photography

Learning the traditional art form of film black and white photography forces a photographer to focus on the most intricate details when capturing a picture. There are endless possibilities of creating drama, clarity, and character in black & white architectural photography. Each of these photographs was process using the traditional techniques of black and white film photography. This art form includes the intricate focus on shutter speeds and exposure settings. Using tools and techniques such as a dark room, various lens filters, dodging & burning, and more allow for a photography to be dynamic in its end result. By understanding the process and time each photograph takes to create, values of patience, focus, and precision are executed.


Form and setting are some of the many aspects of architecture that are enhanced through black and white photography. Elements such as shadow lines and articulation are glorified. On the other hand, there are many aspects of architecture that can be disoriented through the means of black and white photography. This creates a critical dynamic to the composition of each photograph. 

Horizontal Photography