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Infographic Design

The power of an image has the ability to tell volumes on a subject. Infographic design is utilized to illustrate a story, history, issue, and so much more. Data visualization overcomes information overload and connects an audience with its subject in ways that writing and talking cannot. Concepts are delivered quickly and accurately through the use of infographics, which in turn allows the viewer to comprehend and take action on the information being displayed. The art form on infographics is creating visual representations capable of transforming complex data or concepts into intuitive, instant knowledge.

Visualizing the timeline of imperative influences behind the development of the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art (BMoCA) allows the viewer interact with the history of the museum. Numerous events in American, Coloradan, Boulder, and BMoCA history impacted the growth of the museum and these events are visually displayed moving from 1860 to 2013. Mirrored above the bar graph on the bottom of the data circle are images the depict the events as they occur throughout the history. 

Tasked to create infographics that represent peer communities of Hayden, Idaho; Each info graphic visualizes the demographics of a city. Each infographic displays statistics on a city's tourism, housing, work, destinations, demographics, and needs from urban design as a community. At the end of each page a list of "Lessons Learned" allow the reader to understand the outcomes of the infographic and goals for Hayden, ID to utilize in their urban design projects.